zero gravity

•May 17, 2010 • 8 Comments

so i’ve been quite social these past days. First of all it’s so good weather here in Helsinki so we’ve been at various parks and @ Hietsu also. Tomorrow I have work but it’s fine cause it’s been few weeks since I had work so…

Beve was here wed-thu and we took some photos too. I’ve been carrying my small camera with me so the quality isn’t that good. well anyway check out the pics and stuff.

and this next one is kinda scary pic don’t u think? *laugh*



And then I have few from the park!

me n ryu drinkin’ beer…



and here is arttu, ayu, ryu n siru!


this is from hietsu!

and this last pic is me looking like a bum as always! *laugh*



well and I always want to post this video cause it’s sooooo good song! enjoy! until later! \o peace


wigs n reading

•May 10, 2010 • 6 Comments

when I’m suppose to be reading, I’m doing something else, like “hey I wanna style my wig”…

So I quick styled my wig and here’s a result.

I also took a picture where I have another crappy wig… why do I look like a bum in every frikin’ picture????

or maybe it’s the wig??

well anyway.

So now I’m off to read again. I should style another wig but I really do have to read… maybe tomorrow when the test is over.



Well anyway I just wanted to post that one picture and ended up talking crap…. sry about that!



enjoy JUN’s music —> cya \o byeee!!!!11

hair things n pics

•May 9, 2010 • 10 Comments

long time no writing. sorry about that. So I’ve been reading cause entrance exam is soon. actually day after tomorrow. shiiiiiiit….

Well I’m actually pretty pleased how my haircolor turned out to be atm. see the pic. I didn’t even use photoshop in it *laugh*

In the pic I have black extensions though. Didn’t use any hair products, only straightened my hair.

So We have this idea for movie and we tried to write / invent the plot but…. well we only ended up drinking and making stupid songs about ryu… *laugh*

I should change my room decoration cause I’m bored… Well maybe tomorrow.

I spent my May Day here in helsinki and in turku w/ Beve<3.

Well actually I’ve done nothing that would be worth mentioning here … I’ve also had like a week off from work now cause that one period ended and after that no one’s called me… ;___;. miss those kids already…

In this pic I tried to do like a curly look. what do you think? This was the second time I tried something like this in my hair. Just ignore my face.. I was bored and used some makeup so… That’s why I look like mad tranny.. *laugh*

hmm what else.

I really don’t know what to say about this picture. I had like few wigs and one halfwig etc. no makeup though. Otherwise this would have been kind of visual kei look. Well I think I look like bum in the picture… eheheh…

the last pic is from turku. beve on the left. me center. hasu on the right. don’t have a clue what is happening though…

Well until next time I hope I have actually something worth telling here… I’ve just been so lazy what it comes to writing.

enjoy zoro’s music while I think about what to write next. And also go check out my new song in my myspace

ps. I also have new project w/ reetta, called surprising events. We will make a myspace page for that project too when we have time.


•April 16, 2010 • 3 Comments

so I just noticed that 30 000 views for my blog is almost complete! Thought I should do something bigger when the line breaks. Thought that would be good way to start something and try new things. My blog is quite small with few readers so I think that’s pretty awesome to have even that much views so thank you all in advance!

Today’s been a rainy day here in Helsinki and it’s kinda refreshing cause there was so much dust in the air that i got like few nosebleeds because of that… sux huh…

Thought of posting few more pictures that I took with Jopo so here you go. You can see these 2 pics only here.

ps. I’m kinda picture blogging for this japanese website called Tokyo Candoll. So go and check out the website by clicking this link here ->

And if you can’t read japanese there’s an english version of that site too so just click the english flag.

and here’s a direct link to the bloggers page ->

new clothes n song

•April 15, 2010 • 11 Comments

so i bought my superstar hoodie yesterday from Tetuan because it was on sale.

Today I got 2 pair of shoes and one shirt which I’m showing you later. All from Korea.

gotta love ebay *laugh*

So I decided to took some photos with Jopo today, and here’s the result!

I want to bleach my hair soon. I don’t like this yellowish color in my hair so…

And I’m also wearing my new Fuga pants in these pictures. I have more fuga to post because I haven’t got a chance to wear all my new clothes I got from Japan/Korea.


I will be selling some of my clothes soon if somebody’s interested!!!!!!!!!!!!

until later. peace \o

ps. made this kind of dance inspired song few days ago. Feel free to download it from here:

music at the moment & daily things

•April 12, 2010 • 3 Comments

So at the moment I’m quite busy with my work and induction course. Third week now and at least one & half weeks to go to teach that 3rd grade. Well it’s fun but this week is 20yr anniversary week in that school so…. you can just imagine…

Well I’ve done few photoshoot’s w/ my friends and I caught a small cold during weekend.. now i’m okay though.

Here’s my outfit for today!

I also want to share some music that i’ve been listening lately. Here you go!

new hair plz? tips?

•April 7, 2010 • 15 Comments

soooo I reaaaaally don’t know what to do with my hair… I want to dye it but… don’t know what color…

please give me some some suggestions? link pictures or something….

I’m really bored right now. I should go back to read…. Here’s a picture I took today. Here you can see how my hair looks at the moment! really boring…. asd

So until next time! And you can see one of my new jackets in this picture also! I should make a post of what I just got from tokyo. Well that will be later. Now I’m off to read… blaaa….

peace \o

o and here’s a video for you! JoKwon dancing… He’s just too good….. I was laughing my ass off yesterday for this video….