picture spam from the road

so almost 1,5 weeks have past and we have still got 1,5 weeks to go here in north england. Weather is a bit cold but still been nice. There some very beautiful landscape that I really want to photograph when I have time n energy to do that.



I’ve been mostly buying beauty n skin products because they are soooooo cheap down here. And the most wonderful thing was those kinda eye patches that effect your in your lower eyelids. Really wonderful stuff… *laugh* I think I’m getting old cause I need those kind of things.



Well anyway I have few pictures that I want to share here so check out these photos. More coming up when we have time to do the photoshoot at the beach etc.



PS. I have this great idea but it’s not ready yet so I will tell about it later! peace \o


~ by riotcolor on July 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “picture spam from the road”

  1. oh starbucks ❤

  2. Hi ! i like your photos 🙂


  3. well it’s nice to know someone reads this 🙂 thanks for the comment! Well maybe I’ll give up the info here then! I have a new blog that I’m planning on launching very soon! And I’m really sorry that I haven’t have time and energy to update! I have some material that I want to post and I will post it soon! And I will launch my new blog very soon! so stay tuned. And I’m sorry again for this delay!

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