greetings from England m8’s

So now i’ve been in england for few days and it’s really nice here. Good weather so far but so damn windy!

We are staying in Seaham harbour which is quite north I think. *ww*



Well we’ve been only shopping food so far and DAMN that food is cheap n delicious *laugh* I’m gonna get so fat here….


This is my favorite drink atm! VIMTO FIZZY!!!!! sooooooooooooooo good *ww*



We’ve been babysitting also *laugh* but the baby is so damn cute…





and here are some more pics! the front yard etc.. cya soon! we r maybe taking a night bus to london for shopping cause the bus is so cheap. Well I’ll be updating more when I have more to tell and more pictures! been quite lazy I would say…  anyway, cya! peace \o


~ by riotcolor on July 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “greetings from England m8’s”

  1. so england it is!
    damn I love that country. Has this kind of special feeling in it, right?
    Not like other european countries. Well, at least thats what I feel, haha !
    Anyway, have fun! Hope there wont be too heavy rain storms (been there done that… not so fun, really.)

    • yep, this is my 4th time in england but first time this north! seaham is actually really nice town *ww*

      thank you! and yep, i hope so too because i hate rain *laugh*

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