going away EDIT:/ more pics!!!

sooooo i make this quick entry to show my new clothes that i got today. I also got cool sandals but don’t have picture of them. anyway i’ll just post some pics. I should really start packing… SOON…. cya! aaaand there’s also few pics of me and beve and also one pic where beve is wearing my kigurumi. isn’t she cute<3? we had our 3 months anniversary last friday and I gave her necklace and we went shopping n stuff! it was fun! Olli also celebrated his birthday so it was pretty hectic weekend.

until next time! byeee ~~

ps. we visited the purikura shop today and well…. it was okay i think. check out Viivi’s blog for pictures later.


~ by riotcolor on June 28, 2010.

10 Responses to “going away EDIT:/ more pics!!!”

  1. ah. ah. totally cute :3

  2. cool pics (once again!)
    Pics in your blog r always so HQ, please keep adding them!
    packing? where are u heading to?

  3. a girl is so beautiful ! you too ;D

  4. cyaa, beve on muuten todella nätti, etenkin ensimmäisessä kuvassa. (: kuvat on muutenkin tosi hienoja (etenkin värittömät). oot muuten ihan järkyttävän sulonen tossa tokassa kuvassa.

    tää oli tämmönen random -kehuviesti, sry. 😀 ootte sulonen pari<3

  5. ootte tosi söpö pari! 🙂 toivottavasti en kuulosta mitenkään töykeältä, mutta oon miettinyt minkä maalainen ja ikäinen sun gf on? :3

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