イベント イベント イベント !!!!!

So Annyeong party is over and out! thank you for being there!!!! I was little bit sick though during the event but managed to dance a bit n stuff.

Here’s our “dance-group” DEB! *laugh*

u have maybe seen that pic in ryu’s blog already! well anyway.



I’m even more sick now… my throat hurts.. (;_____;;)


I tried this kind of hair yesterday! what do u think ??


and this was my annyeong party hairstyle! We had kind of anti-k-pop theme going on *laugh* I do love k-pop, don’t get me wrong.


Desucon is soon so tomorrow I’m heading to Lahti! if you r coming, you can spot us @Jrocksuomi’s table! We are selling some cool badass stuff there! so please visit!


And Marie is coming to finland soon! Tickets are cheap so why don’t you buy one and see how the play live! i’m going to be at Helsinki’s gig but not in tampere.

read more here — > http://jrocksuomi.fi/marie.html



well that’s about it! I also made a bad ass song with aleksi!! *laugh* maybe i’ll upload it here?…


~ by riotcolor on June 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “イベント イベント イベント !!!!!”

  1. Eew.. unohdin Desun ihan kokonaan. Näin käy joka vuosi.^^ Oisin just mielelläni saanu bongata sieltä tuttuja kasvoja. :<< Oon kyllä menossa Traconiin, joten kaipa siellä voi tehdä saman.

    Tosi hienoja kuvia taasen^^ Näytät tokassa kuvassa ihan mahdottoman laihalta. 😮
    Parane pian! (/ *,*)/ 。。。。。~♥♥

    • joo no jää multaki desu nyt väliin koska oon kuumeessa ja kurkkukipeenä atm! ;___;. ja kiitos *ww* traconiin en pääse ku oon pois suomesta sillon… damn. kaikki conit jää nyt välii..

  2. of course you should upload it here.
    get better soon, breathing chamomile steam helps with the throat 😉

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