money money!½

I’ve been composing music lately… that’s all. Also been @ Arttu’s couple times. played resident evil 5 today with him also.

Actually I’m pretty tired… like all the time. don’t know why. I’m also having money problems soon so f*ck my life…



That’s a wig if you didn’t notice. I have a terrible root growth atm so i’ve been wearing different wigs few days. I should dye my hair soon or otherwise I just end up using wigs all the time and that’s bad…



Well anyway I didn’t get in so I have no school next year… that also pisses me off atm… Well this entry is just complaining about everything mainly… *laugh*



I was at Turku last sunday and I was at 5ive star’s dance practice


Now I’m selling magazines for living… *laugh* Well it’s kinda fun though..


Oh! and we organized d=out’s gig last friday! If you were there, I hope you had fun!!!! *ww*


aaaaand this pic is from Töölö. Me n Arttu took our longboards and went there to “surf”.

and this last is from my balcony!!!


~ by riotcolor on June 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “money money!½”

  1. Fuck, i felt my heart skip a beat when i read about the d=out gig. I envy you so badly, norway sucks, versailles is the only jrock band visiting.

  2. sorry to hear you didnt get in that school. . better luck next time!
    Hope you can figure your money-issues out somehow!
    Sending you some soon-to-be-rich vibes, haha! Money-isseus sure suck, right?

    • thanks! maybe next time then! 😀

      I hope I can manage… and money issues sure do suck…

  3. Eh one closed door is just to badger you into seeing other options.
    I’d love to dl more of your songs.
    And you can try to take c-vitamins for the tiredness, even if it’s caused from other things other than your supplementary intake. They are usually pretty cheap and taste great.

    Have faith, enjoy summer 🙂

    • thanks! maybe i should try eating properly firs *laugh*

      and I will be making more songs when I have time but annyeong party is coming soon so now it’s little hectic!

  4. tosi ikävää ettet sit päässytkään opiskelemaan. toivottavasti seuraavalla kerralla ois sit toisin. 😦

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