zero gravity

so i’ve been quite social these past days. First of all it’s so good weather here in Helsinki so we’ve been at various parks and @ Hietsu also. Tomorrow I have work but it’s fine cause it’s been few weeks since I had work so…

Beve was here wed-thu and we took some photos too. I’ve been carrying my small camera with me so the quality isn’t that good. well anyway check out the pics and stuff.

and this next one is kinda scary pic don’t u think? *laugh*



And then I have few from the park!

me n ryu drinkin’ beer…



and here is arttu, ayu, ryu n siru!


this is from hietsu!

and this last pic is me looking like a bum as always! *laugh*



well and I always want to post this video cause it’s sooooo good song! enjoy! until later! \o peace


~ by riotcolor on May 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “zero gravity”

  1. are you free on thursday?
    we could have a second round of heavy drinking in a park if it’s your day off.

  2. Nättejä kuvia. (: Tosta tokasta kuvasta tuli heti mieleen the ring/the grudge. 😀

    ensimmäinen kuva on super sulonen. beve on kyllä nätti. 😮 minkä maalainen hän on? (ei sillä että olisi jotain väliä, kunhan kiinnostaa, kun näyttää ulkomaalaiselta (mitälieselitän)).

    niin ja sun hiukset on aivan ihanat tuossa kuvassa, jossa sinä ja ryu ootte kaksin. (: ❤

  3. so did you have that exam already? U didnt mention it so hopefully its not rude to ask or anything, and if it was how did it go??
    The pics of u and beve are so sweet, also kinda artistic if you ask me, haha !

    • yes i did have it! aaaand i hope it went well. i had a feeling that it went ok… but not sure.

      and thank you ^^

  4. näytät söpöltä viime kuvassa ^.^

    p.s. anteeksi että oon random

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