wigs n reading

when I’m suppose to be reading, I’m doing something else, like “hey I wanna style my wig”…

So I quick styled my wig and here’s a result.

I also took a picture where I have another crappy wig… why do I look like a bum in every frikin’ picture????

or maybe it’s the wig??

well anyway.

So now I’m off to read again. I should style another wig but I really do have to read… maybe tomorrow when the test is over.



Well anyway I just wanted to post that one picture and ended up talking crap…. sry about that!



enjoy JUN’s music —> cya \o byeee!!!!11


~ by riotcolor on May 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “wigs n reading”

  1. awww, ihan mahdottoman sulonen toi jälkimmäinen kuva. 😀

  2. Siis onko tossa ensimmäisessäkin kuvassa peruukki??! Näyttää tosi aidolta :O
    Ja miten meni koe? Tollaset rasti ruutuun kokeet on ihan hirveitä!

    • joo on peruukki! stailailin ja leikkasin sitä vaa vähäse! koe tuntu menevän iha ok! saa sit nähä riittääkö…

  3. u look like my favorite Japanese actor hiro mizushima!・:*(〃・ェ・〃人)*:・カッコイイ
    I love Jun’s music and his new band!
    sorry, My english is not good(*´;ェ;`*)

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