hair things n pics

long time no writing. sorry about that. So I’ve been reading cause entrance exam is soon. actually day after tomorrow. shiiiiiiit….

Well I’m actually pretty pleased how my haircolor turned out to be atm. see the pic. I didn’t even use photoshop in it *laugh*

In the pic I have black extensions though. Didn’t use any hair products, only straightened my hair.

So We have this idea for movie and we tried to write / invent the plot but…. well we only ended up drinking and making stupid songs about ryu… *laugh*

I should change my room decoration cause I’m bored… Well maybe tomorrow.

I spent my May Day here in helsinki and in turku w/ Beve<3.

Well actually I’ve done nothing that would be worth mentioning here … I’ve also had like a week off from work now cause that one period ended and after that no one’s called me… ;___;. miss those kids already…

In this pic I tried to do like a curly look. what do you think? This was the second time I tried something like this in my hair. Just ignore my face.. I was bored and used some makeup so… That’s why I look like mad tranny.. *laugh*

hmm what else.

I really don’t know what to say about this picture. I had like few wigs and one halfwig etc. no makeup though. Otherwise this would have been kind of visual kei look. Well I think I look like bum in the picture… eheheh…

the last pic is from turku. beve on the left. me center. hasu on the right. don’t have a clue what is happening though…

Well until next time I hope I have actually something worth telling here… I’ve just been so lazy what it comes to writing.

enjoy zoro’s music while I think about what to write next. And also go check out my new song in my myspace

ps. I also have new project w/ reetta, called surprising events. We will make a myspace page for that project too when we have time.


~ by riotcolor on May 9, 2010.

10 Responses to “hair things n pics”

  1. sulla on siist tukka ! 😉
    onko sulla tatuointi tai jotain?
    kun eka kuvassa näkee jotain.. ööh

  2. millainen tatska? 🙂

  3. Upeat hiukset! Hopea ei vaan koskaan petä 😀 Ja toi curly-look olikin oikeastaan yllättävän cool! Se on sen verran erilainen mitä täällä on sun hiuksia nähnyt! Sun täytyy siis välillä laittaa hiukset jatkossakin noin! ^^ JA mielettömästi onnea vakavaan kokeeseen 😉

  4. tosi kivan näköset hiukset tuli. curly-look on ihan jees – kyllä tota vois useamminkin kattoa, vaikkei suoraa mallia voitakkaan. 🙂 onnea kokeisiin.

  5. good luck on your entrance exam ! Do your best !

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