so I just noticed that 30 000 views for my blog is almost complete! Thought I should do something bigger when the line breaks. Thought that would be good way to start something and try new things. My blog is quite small with few readers so I think that’s pretty awesome to have even that much views so thank you all in advance!

Today’s been a rainy day here in Helsinki and it’s kinda refreshing cause there was so much dust in the air that i got like few nosebleeds because of that… sux huh…

Thought of posting few more pictures that I took with Jopo so here you go. You can see these 2 pics only here.

ps. I’m kinda picture blogging for this japanese website called Tokyo Candoll. So go and check out the website by clicking this link here ->

And if you can’t read japanese there’s an english version of that site too so just click the english flag.

and here’s a direct link to the bloggers page ->


~ by riotcolor on April 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “BLOG STATS”

  1. wow congrats on the 30 000 views!!

  2. Wuhuu 30,000! Onneksi olkoon (jos/kun/sitten kun se on saavutettu). Googlism sanoo:

    30000 is the magic number
    30000 is significant
    30000 is a big milestone
    30000 is wildly off the mark

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