Turku & b/d parties!!

So friday i decided to go to Turku. My main reason to go there was to meet up with my girlfriend Beve. I arrived little bit late cause I totally messed up with the trains. And while I was waiting my train one old man offered to buy me a beer and we talked about politics and stuff like that. It was pretty random but fun *ww* *laugh*

anyway I finally arrived to Turku and we went straight to Mei’s place cause it was going to be a surprise for Annika who’s birthday it was!

So it was just drinking and hanging out. Everyone was talking about Harry Potter all the time *laugh*

So I had fun there and met new wonderful people so thank you all *ww*

I spent my saturday with Beve and left Turku about 6pm. I arrived at Helsinki about 8pm and went straight to Toni‘s place to celebrate his birthday! *laugh* many birthday parties :DDDD

Almost everyone else went to the bar after that, but I was so tired so I just went home to sleep… So that was pretty much my weekend this time.

Tomorrow is LMC’s gig. I’m not going to the event but I think I’m going to see some friend though before they go to see that band.

ps. made this track fall down, break down today. you can listen it at http://www.myspace.com/nyoinyoi


~ by riotcolor on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Turku & b/d parties!!”

  1. Ootte kaikki ihanan tyylikkäitä ^__^

  2. kiitoos 🙂

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