After long silence I finally got strength to update.

So I spent my whole last week @ Espoo because I was working at new school teaching 4th graders. It was really nice experience. Being in new school is always pretty scary *laugh*. So naturally I didn’t sleep almost at all before I went there first time and I was so nervous. But as I said it went well.

So what else… I bought new Final Fantasy 13 a week ago or something. But I still haven’t got a chance to play it much. Well i’m lazy when it comes to playing games. My concentration isn’t that good *laugh*

Been hanging out with my friends a bit and just been at home composing music. I have this new/old project with my very old friend so…

We tested my new photographing gears for the first time and here’s some pics.

Today I got 2 sexy boy by jean arthes fragrances. I ordered them from usa like a month ago.


I’m just happy right now. Well I could have more money but still. peace \o


~ by riotcolor on March 23, 2010.

7 Responses to “adore.”

  1. what can I say is I love those two photos *laugh* I love how sharp the images are, and the styles as well. Amazing~

  2. thank you so much *ww*

  3. kamala määrä uutisia heti kun jätin hetkeksi käymättä täällä. :DD aivan ihania uudet kuvat! tosi suloisia.

  4. ainiin tietysti – sun huppari on tosi hyvännäkönen. :oo

  5. kiitos paljoon *ww*

  6. hitto, vasta nyt tajusin kijottaneeni ‘uutisia’ vaikka piti sanoa ‘postauksia’…
    ja miten kaksimielisesti ajattelinkaan tuon “Today I got 2 sexy boy” tekstin kohdalla. 😀 en vaan lukenut pidemmälle, kun jäin vaan tota ajattelemaan. :”DD

  7. haha XDD no joo jos ei lue koko lauset ni voi käsittää ehkä hieman väärin hehe :DDDD

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