back to the normal

looking out of my window makes me happy when there’s a beautiful sunshine! otherwise I don’t look out much.

It’s monday morning and I’m drinking coffee as usual. Sami is still sleeping but I had and urge to write here.

Actually I have no good subject but still….

Jopo is coming home today so we should finish cleaning this house. When Sami wakes up we are going to do the rest of the work.

So I didn’t have work today. Pretty sad because I want to work. But now I have more time to clean and do all kinds of work things at home. So I just wanted to write that I’m happy that Jopo is coming back but at the same time sad because I know what it’s like to leave from that place. And I know he doesn’t want to come back! But still I’m happy to see him!

until next time! peace \o


~ by riotcolor on February 15, 2010.

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