working again!

soooo I started working again! it has been over 1,5 months that i’ve done actually nothing…

But I feel good now that I actually got myself up at 6am n stuff.. (tired now…) *laugh*

So i had 6th grade today! 6hours. I’m pretty exhausted now. Just came home. Tomorrow I have that same class also!

I  should really concentrate on my work and soon to come studies! wish me luck! coffe —>

okay I really should take it easy on the coffee part… I drink it too much everyday… well who cares… it’s good! *laugh*

until next time! peace \o


~ by riotcolor on February 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “working again!”

  1. Yay! I’m happy for u 🙂 Try to keep the motivation up and stuff! And lay down on the coffee, too much is bad for the heart 😦

  2. When I look at you I don’t see a teacher : DD But that’s so cool, wish you were my teacher when I was young. : D

  3. thanks katrin!

    and yes, i don’t look like a teacher but I love that job! love kids, love teaching! hahaha *Www*

  4. Just by reading your texts its obvious that you really love teaching, its great you have found something you really like! I kind of envy you for that haha!
    ps. Coffee rules my world, now and forever. Its the best!

  5. thanks anonymous! your comment made me feel so good *ww*

    and coffee is the best! i just drink it too much every day :DDDD

  6. The young kids, the ones that really look up to the teacher are the best. I want to cuddle them all. Before puberty hits and then they first turn on their parents and then teachers… Luckily they are all reachable one on one.
    I really think teaching is on of the most rewarding things in this world. You were fun and with great hair and style before that but when you started to write about this job my respect for you just skyrocketed 😉

  7. you have no idea how your comment made me feel so much better now! thank you! you saved my morning!

    And I really do love teaching! especially younger ones! They are so full of life and joy! They enjoy all the little things in school and it’s just so cool I think!

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