what should I do?

It’s been over 1 month now that i’ve only been at home doing nothing. There has been few job offers but I’ve always been sleeping when they have sent me txt… I’m really mad at my self now because my money situation is really bad and I have lots of bills to pay…

This has to change. I have to get my life back in order soon or it will collapse for good…

And I actually like my work so…. what’s the matter with me…

Okay first thing I have to do is to clean this apartment. Every single room. I’m gonna do it today or tomorrow.

Then I have like ton’s of website building to do and ton’s of photos that I have to go trough and send to our partners in japan.

I have few unfinished songs to compose too and I have like million ideas that I want to record.

If I get to go to work next week everything is gonna be alright. My Coaching Course will start at march and then I really have concentrate on that.

Also have to do all the application shit for those schools i’m applying.

I also have few major posts and things I want to write here but I need time and right mind to do that so, later.

Also I want to sew more because I have ideas for that concept “7”. And thank god I still have lot’s of fabric at home.

If I get money I want to update my “home studio” more. Want to buy real back drop and few lights.

well that’s all! Lot’s of things to do…


~ by riotcolor on January 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “what should I do?”

  1. Hey!

    I don’t know if you read your comments or not but I’m taking my chances now 🙂

    I wanted to ask whether you were working in tokyo during the time you lived there, and where you got the job from (if you had one). I’m planning to live there during summer but getting a working permission is such bullshht. I know you might not bother to answer this, and I completely understand if you don’t, but please do! 😀

    I enjoy reading your blog very much btw, keep up the frequent entries! haha

  2. thanks for you kind words! And I didn’t work in tokyo during that time. I was working my ass off in finland before i went there. Also sold my car etc. So that’s why I didn’t had to work. I got job offers like every week back then but I was always scared because I didn’t have any visa at all. Anyway getting a working visa in japan is like the most hardest thing in this planet… seriously.. It pisses me off cause japan just happends to be one of my fav countrys! I know this answer wont help you out but anyway.

    – Riotcolor

  3. Ah, I know, the visa thing is seriously pissing me off. I’m doing my best at finding a job before I go to Tokyo but I bet you know how high of a chance I have at getting one… heh.. >_>

    Anyway, thank you for the information! (:

  4. yep but I hope u’ll get a job before u go there cause then it will be much easier! good luck for you! hope you have fun in there, with or without a job! *Ww*

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