getting things done

so first things first. I’ve been staying home like 2-3 weeks now and it’s becoming a little bit boring now.

we had pretty random last night and those kind of things just never happened in real life… yeah well I wont tell you details but it was pretty weird and really funny and sad at the same time. So many friends that day to. *ww* Lutka and Exohead came over like 4 am in the morning and I was really happy to see them cause last time I saw them was like 3-4 months ago…

We played TEKKEN 6 like seriously 8 hours in a rowthat was awesome. well also Syöpä/Adana where here playing with us.

We took a pretty random photoshoot because we aviously have too much freetime. I was mainly behind the camera and Ayu, ryu & 568A where front of the camera mainly.

This is how I look with my own hair so I didn’t want any sharp pictures with bright lights! *laugh* my haircolor looks weird….

So today when almost everybody left me, 568A & Lutka here alone we felt like actually going somewhere…

can you believe that? real life? real people? can’t look like shit anymore… damn…

Well I did look like shit because I decided to wear one of my wigs today…. what a brilliant idea huh…. NO….

well here’s a picture anyway…

sooooooo we finally landed in some random “i don’t remember that bar’s name” @ helsinki and drank some drinks there with awesome company.

translucent, kukuxumusu, 568A & Juzka. It was nice seeing Juska for a long time. *Ww*

Now I only have this omnomnom macpicture that I want to post because I’m hungry and I’m just too lazy to make any food right now…. until next time! peace \o

and one thing! I registered to an evening course that will take place march. It’s about getting in to that school I rreeeeeeellly want to get in! have to study hard.


~ by riotcolor on January 17, 2010.

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