aaaand i also watched zombieland today. it was awesome! now i know how to survive *laugh* as if….

i want to play zombie games and watch more zombie movies *ww*^

maybe i’ll buy that new resident evil game for ps3. just installed left 4 dead to my pc though… but still. want moooorrrreeee!!!!!!! zooombieeesss!!!!!

okay… now i really go bed…. really….


i want to write more and post some cool zombie pictures but i don’t want to turn my comp on… maybe i’ll just surf with my iphone and search some cool pictures…. or not…

and by the way, i still didnt get my vocaloid working…. damn vocaloid.. damn you…


~ by riotcolor on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “zombieland”

  1. ZOMBIEEEESSSSS! Ostan kans Left 4 Dead ykkösen sitku se tulee alennuksee steamii ku oon odottanu niin pitkään et saan koneen jol se pyöris :DDD Ja kakkosen ostan sitku on vähä ylimääräst rahaa/fiilistä. Kumpi sul nyt on, kakkone vai ykköne? Ois sikakiva hakata steamin kautta yhdessä, team me and Alex 8’D

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