So I spent my christmas with my parents. I stayd there 1 week and came back to Helsinki after that.

Here’s better pic from my parent’s kitten!

I hosted New year’s party @ my place and it was nice. Many people came so thank to all who came and those who cleaned after and stuff. 568A & comapop also stayed here few days during the holidays.

And we had “short” JRS meeting!

Now I just wanted to share some pictures with you. Most of them are from new year and so on.

Kipsu has been hanging out at my place almost a week now .


Now We are listening キャンゼル. It’s actually pretty damn good band.

I have an urge to dye my hair and to make few cosplays. AND I WANT TO PLAY TEKKEN NOW!!!!

It’s been really nice couple of weeks. I spent all my money which was pretty bad. Now I don’t have money so….

Ayu & Ryu were also hanging at my place like 3 times. what a record lol wwww.

and leijo & Jatta were here also watching some movies. we just decided to watch all 3 ocean’s movies in a row. it was fun! we had pretty hyper night… And I have some really interested pictures of ryu XDD




I really didn’t have anything wise to say this time so I just post the rest of the pictures and let them speak for themselves. bye!


~ by riotcolor on January 4, 2010.

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