speaking about videos and stuff

So I’m really such a nolife. trolling around and… no not really. but still.

Sooo today when I was like super bored I came a cross this guy at youtube. Watched like all his videos at once and laughed my ass off. He had super funny stuff so I wanna share this video with you.

So that’s about nolife and youtube.

I’ve been actually really busy cause we had this Korea theme party called Anneyong! party! @ Gloria yesterday. It actually went pretty well and we had a good feedback at the end of the day. cool!

moving on.

I have like two days work left. tue-wed. and after that the frikin christmas holiday begins. well it’s nice an everything but there’s no frikin work for me when the school is closed. damn…

this week is all about banks and how annoying they really can be. all the finnish banks are having like a 3 day strike. seriously WHAT THE F*CK!!! isn’t it like all of use credit cards nowadays. How can you even get money when all the cash machines are empty. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING? well they need more money and stuff like that but still… what is this shit.

I buy everything with my credit card… like how am i gonna survive 3 days? well maybe I’m overreacting…. am I?

still it really pisses me off when something like this happens.

I did actually have something to say but. well I forgot it already…


I ordered this cheap little video camera like 1,5 months ago. Well I still haven’t got the product but today I got mail. actually two letters. First one was the bill. And second one was the notice that I haven’t paid the bill. LIKE WHAT AN EARTH IS GOING ON HERE? Where’s my frikin’ camera? And why do they send me the bill that had due date like month ago?? I’m going to call to that company tomorrow and yell them about this situation… screw them. I don’t really want that camera anyway.

and it’s just monday and I’m already like this. Well okay I’m really calm person in real life so this text may give wrong impression of me.

now I’m off to search new cool videos for my next post which wont be this long I hope.


~ by riotcolor on December 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “speaking about videos and stuff”

  1. Lol, I get that you’re upset but this entry was a fun read XD

  2. Mistä on Heikki ostanut hienot vaaleanpunaiset silmälasinsa?

  3. oon ostanu noi tetuanista! mut ebaysta saa kans halvemmal ja kaikkia värejä. ku tetuanista taitaa olla loppu.

  4. Aattelinki et oon jossain niitä nähny! Hah, ja Ebay ei kyl käyny mielessäkään, thank you~

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