Alone in Kyoto

I just remembered this awesome song called Alone in Kyoto, by AIR.

Been listening it like whole day.

The piano version of this song is also very powerful! There’s really something in that melody. I found myself staring out of the window couple times when listening that song.

this picture is from google. some free wallpaper site.

I would love to go to Kyoto again. It was really nice, though I was there only one weekend and went back to busy Tokyo after that.

Today I made actually 2 different songs but none of them weren’t that good. I had an idea about making a piano piece but I still haven’t found any good virtual grand piano software. Because if I’m making a piano song, I want to have good sound in the piano.

I just noticed that it’s almost 4:00 am. Time flies again. I’m just listening music and trying to compose and it’s morning again.

Well back to the business. I have few work days this week. Soon it’s going to be christmas holiday anyway so there’s no work at that time. This year is coming to it’s end so I will make a some kind of 2000-2009 memorial post with pictures and stuff. It’s going to be big so prepare yourselves!

And in the end I’m telling you that I have my hair extensions just lying there so I will make something out of them cause my own hair’s kind of short. I’ll post pics later. aaaaaand I will be making I white suit soon. I finished making that hoodie also. pic below!

And I have a new fringe!

that fabric was about 30e

now I’m off to sleep. bye!


~ by riotcolor on December 7, 2009.

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