Soo I just decided to make a video post of my home! in the video you can see preeetty much everything from door to balcony. I didn’t shoot jopo’s room cause he’s sleeping and I did skip the toilet also 😀 it’s ugly ass hell so…

well enjoy. comments please.

And I did everything pretty much with zero budget. So it’s pretty much my old stuff mixed with some new from sales. Kitchen is by me and jopo.

I really love decorating and stuff and imagine if I would have money…

here you go:

ps. If I have time today, I will be doing a hair video tutorial! please wait for it!


~ by riotcolor on November 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “THIS IS HOW I LIVE MY LIFE!”

  1. aw I really like how your apartment is mostly black-grey-white and simple-design. you made it all look really comfortable and cool even though didn’t have much money to spend on it. 😀

    (and uhm, hi! ;D I happened to pass by your journal coming from ‘cupcake couture’ I think ;D)

  2. that’s one cool apartment !!

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