this must be a record

Okay so I’m actually writing something here!

I had few things that I wanted to talk about and here we go!

first of all, about blogging. I think it’s really hard to start from nothing. You have create an account, invent good name, do graphics and coding and all kinds of introduction texts and pictures. It’s really pain in the ass so many people don’t have time or they are just too lazy.

Then few questions are popping in to your head: “What am I gonna write here then? Am I really interesting ? Do people really want to read about me or my life?”

Answer is: do you give a shit? You should write to yourself and if people want to read, then they read. You can share your opinions and stuff and pictures or what ever you like. It’s a frikin diary for yourself! Okay I admit that it would be cool to have readers and comments but is that really the main point? how does blogging work example in finland?

there’s no straight answer to these questions but I think being a blogger in Finland can be fun. You actually can become quite famous by only blogging. I’ve seen some examples.

Now video postings are becoming a new thing here also. Everyone’s doing them. I think my dear sister keikk started it. She was the first that I actually saw doing a video blogging post. Don’t know if that’s true but anyway…

What if we move to subjects and talk about what you should talk!?

and in what language? English, finnish, japanese? those are the main thing in finland right now. but come on… japanese? are you really good enough to write that.. well maybe some are but by using a translator, you only fail.. you understand? fail.. not to offend anyone, but… it’s kinda lame. Well adding japanese in to your posts can be a trick and by doing it right it’s awesome. i’ve done it once. don’t know if I failed but :DDD

but between English and Finnish? difficult choice… I want my foreign friends to be able to read also, not just look at the pics. But it’s everyone’s personal choice of life to choose the language they use. Many finnish people do understand english so I personally think that it’s not a problem at all. well that’s about language. choose the one that fits you best!

Everyone’s doing their lifestyle blog or fashion blog or just “I want to buy this Gucci bag” blog.

There’s many ways to choose, but the hardest part is what’s best for you! Did you think about that when YOU started a blog. Did you want readers? or just to babble about random stuff for yourself to laugh ten years from now?

I simple did this because this is a good thing to be social and improve writing skills (like they would improve…) and more important: M E M O R I E S!!!


Verba volant, scripta manent.

I want to laught, cry and think about these days like they were yesterday. By blogging with pictures from everyday madness, I CAN DO THAT!





I don’t even remember what was the main thing in this entry when I started but it doesn’t matter.

And now in the end, I wanna apologize my mistakes what I make when I write. Usually I write with my iphone, and it’s really difficult cause I’m always moving when I write. Or just sitting in the bus which is moving also so …

what ever. Pictures are crappy quality but don’t mind that. Look at the pictures, and moments, not the quality.



This was today. Pretty loooooooooong random entry about blogging and why I did my blog. Hope you enjoyed!

peace \o Acta est fabula, plaudite!


~ by riotcolor on November 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “this must be a record”

  1. Heh, if I could rate the posts like one can in keikk’s blog this would get 5 out of 5 n__n

  2. Wow, such a long blog entry (comparing to the previous ones..NOT COMPLAINING ;D). About the previous blog post, you getting Jaejoong/Hero’s hair – sweet idea! Because the hairstyle totally rocks.

    Eipä muuta tällä kertaa. Keep blogging, YOU!

  3. hear hear! I like your views on blogging ^^ And keep doing it man! Long entries are nice and yours are fun to read

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