maybe 2 days left in the school. Somehow I feel sad but in the other way I feel good. Maybe I’ll have time to do all things in my list when I have few days off. I hope I get new period in the school later this year but.. don’t know. It’s totally random.


I’ve been wanted to cut my hair so here’s one suggestion.

i have black hair now so why not?? what do you think? it’s not much because I almost have that length.


I have one blond wig, one black wig and one “rasta” wig so I can still change my style. I also have extensions which go perfectly with my hair even if I cut that model. I just want to cut that. It’s easy to maintain etc.


so today I’ve been reeeeeeeally tired. I just wanna go to sleep already…



I feel like I don’t have time to do all things I really must do.


And by the way we have new event coming soon! it’s called Annyeong!Party.

You can read more from here !—>>

So that’s it for korea. you should check this out begore you go!


go charlie go!!!! my favorite stuff from youtube! \o





“did you speak to the weasel?”
“Charlie did you speak to the weasel??!!”
“FOOL! I am the weasel!”


~ by riotcolor on November 25, 2009.

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  1. Kannatan!

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