I’ve been listening Utada Hikaru for past few days. Today was quite boring day. I actually achieved nothing today.

I woke up, went to Ruttopuisto and met some friends, came back back home, made food and watched a movie. Tomorrow I will go my parents place cause I have to check some things out before they go to London. I have to watch their house and feed the dogs and the cats. booooooring…

I keep having this one vision in my head and it doesn’t include Finland. I’ve been planning to leave this god forsaken country for some time now. 2-3 years tops and then I’m gone. Anywhere else but not here. My 6 months in Tokyo where the time of my life and I new, that I don’t want to come back to Finland. Some unfortunate events made me come back. Friends where part of it and I did miss them at the time. I really love my friends and that’s one reason that is still keeping me here. But so many of them want to go away also so why not go first.?? But really, money was the ultimate problem and visa also. It’s only 3 months turist visa and that’s it for Japan. sux huh??

I just can’t help to think of these things and I’m sorry that I’m putting my same ideas in every entry I write here. I hope you will think also where you want to spend the rest of your life.

Just make your dreams come true. Sell your apartment and stuff and go!!! Now I’ll go to sleep cause I have to wake up early to do some things before I go to Iitti. If someone (it would be a miracle) from Iitti is reading this, call me tomorrow if you wanna see me!!! In and out!!


~ by riotcolor on June 22, 2009.

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