past, present and future

today everything was about past, present and future. I saw Esin @ Mbar and we talked about everything. After a while Taku joined us. We talked about how important and not important contacts really are. We live in modern world so travelling is easy now. Couple 10 years ago it was not so easy to just pack your bag and hit the road. Now you can do it at low prize. So why not do it? Why not take the chance and study abroad or work abroad.

I got this idea from Esin to go to Australia next summer and work there. Finland gives working holiday visa to Australia and New Zealand. We also discovered few other things that are worth giving a try.

I’ve been thinking about my future for some time now and I have no proper answer to myself. Why is it so hard to feel good in one place? Why I always have to be miserable in one place and want to be in other place. I think I just have to try and live my life as I want to live it = TRAVEL!!!!!

So I had this image in my head and new power for photographing so I bought two books from local bookstore about photographing aviously. I also bought V Magazine Summer swimsuit issue 2009. I had ideas for decorating my walls from that magazine so I had to buy it.


Now I have to get another working place because I need money. Sydney, Bali, Bangkok, Tokyo here I come!!!!!


~ by riotcolor on June 17, 2009.

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