place to relax

This time I will show you where I live. My room and the neighbourhood. First I give you the neighbourhood.

This picture was taken from my balcony. It was really dark outside that time when I had the idea to took this panorama picture.


I used simple things in my room to make it look like loundge. I hate direct light so I choose to put small lights in many places.  Mainly everything is from IKEA because I’m poor.  But when I have money I will go to boconsept.


Also I have some ideas for those blank walls so wait to hear. I will post another entry regarding my room when it’s finally complete.

room2I have so many things in my mind but money is always the main problem. Maybe… someday.

I have pretty good recording system in my room because I make music and also speakers are very good.

My bed was not cheap but the frames were like 12euros!!! It was discount.

My opinion is, that use lights and wall colors to create the feeling in your room. That’s why I have one wall almost black.  I’m kind of minimalistic person when it comes decorating rooms.


~ by riotcolor on June 15, 2009.

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