gone for moment

it’s really been a while since i wrote anything that would get people actually read what i write.

anyway i’m back now. I discovered this wordpress account today, but I have actually made this account about half a year ago. But today is the time to use this. I will be using this blog for daily things, but mainly posting photos because I kind of got remotivated what it comes to photographing.

When I have enough money, I will buy a new object for my camera. This entry will be only introduction for this blog so please wait to hear from me.

I also got everything working properly what it comes to making music. I’m on my way of making an ep or single. Just give me few months to work on it and you will hear the results soon enough.

This will be all today. I’m off to take some photos before it turns too dark outside. though it’s raining already but….


~ by riotcolor on June 15, 2009.

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